Monday, September 21, 2009

Risotto two ways

I have been craving risotto lately, so this weekend I decided to cook risotto! You can boil it just like regular rice, but this requires stirring pretty much constantly as it is extremely glutinous. A more common method is to first brown onions in oil and to this mixture add the risotto and a portion of the cooking liquid (you can use water or stock of your choice here) at a time, stirring and adding liquid. I tried both methods and I have to say the second method made my
risotto much more creamy. One batch I made with purple cauliflower, onions, and sunflower seeds pan seared in olive oil. The second was made by first pan searing onions in an olive oil and smart balance mixture, after which the risotto was added with a small portion of vegetable stock at a time until it cooked al dente. At this point spinach and red wine vinegar were added and the mixture was cooked just until the spinach witled. Although both were delicious, the second was by far the best :D

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