Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My babies!

So it's only fair if I post pictures of the other two fluffers as well. My husband Nathan had a cat, River, when we met. He is a russian blue tabby mix. You can see his little tabby stripes, but he is like a panther, because the strtipes are the same colour as his fur! He is a shy boy, and my cat, Pashmina, is kind of bossy and hissy towards him. He handles it well though. I found Pashmina
outside my apartment (when I still had an apartment). Someone had abandoned her when they moved out. She is blind in one eye, and is missing several teeth. When I found her she was about 5 lbs, had distemper, and was really sick. She was living in a chipmunk burrow and was so hungry and disoriented that she was not even chasing the chipmunks. She is a long haired cat, too, so her fur was terribally matted. It only took about two weeks of canned tuna though and she had already turned into a little butterball. She is still a bit feral, but we love her anyway. I think she is about 9, and River is 5. Then there is our newest family member, little Stevie cat, who is the one year old Himalayan rescue that we have had for a little over a month.


  1. ZOMG, they're all so cute :) and heheh, 'butterball' is what I call Albus these days...holy heck, he's getting chubby! wait til I post some recent pics LOL

    oh, and I responded to your comment on my last post, but I'm too lazy to do the smart thing and c/p here >.<


  2. I can't wait to see how much bigger she has gotten when we pick her up from Grandma's in a month, I know she has been getting chicken nearly every night there. We only give her chicken like once a week, but my mother in law spoils her :D I will look for your pics!