Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Have Cat, Will Travel

Every year my husband and I pack up the car and head from Birmingham, AL to Cleveland, OH. I have a NASA graduate student researchers program (GSRP) grant, part of which includes a visit Glenn research center. I always enjoy this time of year, because it gives me the opportunity to really direct my research and focus without the distraction of seminars, people stopping by my office, tempting lunch with co-workers, and a Starbucks within walking distance from my building. On the downside, we trade our house for a 700 sq. ft. Extended Stay America type live in hotel and drop of our tw
o catt
ies with Grandma. Well, this trip we decided to adopt a third kitty right before we left, so somehow she wound up as a part of the road trip party. Her name was Stevie Nicks when we adopted her, so we decided to stick with that, although it has kind of morphed into Stevie Micks, because she's a cat, not a rock star. She is a year old Himalayan rescue.
We stopped in Nashville,TN to visit friends before enbarking on the other 10 hours of the drive. There was a hot air baloon festival passing us somewhere along the way. It was a beautiful drive. We have been in Cleveland for about a month now, so for eating and
exercise I have to be a bit creative. I bought a Wii fit when we first arrived, and although I bahsed it at first, it really is alot of fun. Lots of Frisbee in the park and jogging outside.


  1. Cute is Stevie a Sealpoint? Ours is a Lilacpoint but we don't tell him...not very masuline.

  2. I think so, but she might also be a chocolate point or a tortie, because she has tortie markings on her legs and feet. We don't really know anything about her other than her age and that her previous owner did not want her. Lilac points are beautiful, but not a very masculine description for a boy cat. Just tell him he's a blue point. Don't tell him he's a stud though (well, unless he actually is, lol). We went to Pets Mart last weekend and a lady there had a Persian. She told us he was a "stud" and I did not know what that meant. I later found out it basically means he is pimped out to make little baby fluffers for show.

  3. It means he still has his fluffy "manberries" but probably sprays and fights. Not ideal. Persians are a chore. We are down to two from a high of four :) So sweet!