Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just Another Tuesday

So today I woke up early, made it to work before 8 AM. For breakfast, I had carrot juice, steel cut oats, a larabar, and rice milk with protein powder. Lunch was another larabar :) I keep a stash in my desk and have eaten one every day for lunch for so long I can not even remember. I don't even switch the flavors up anymore, and I am still not tired of them. I know the time is coming though when I will need to switch flavors, but for now I am satsfied. For a snackie I had baby carrots and pumpkin seeds. So I am eating the pumpkin seeds thinking, MAN these are salty! So I check the sodium content, and it says 20 mg. Then I see the fine print on the bottom of the package, stating that the sodium content increases to 3260 mg if you eat the shells. I did not even know not eating the shells was an option. I did not even know there were shells. Oh well, lesson learned. I played frisbee in the park with my husband for an hour or so after getting off work and had 1/2 of an all fruit raspberry smoothie and a salad from Chipotle consisting of black beans rice, guacamole, hot salsa (more salt!), and lettuce. I also snuck in six chips and two tiny squares of Green and Black 85% caco chocolate. I have been doing Wii fit every night for about an hour and today I also walked for about an hour between my office and the lab.

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