Thursday, September 17, 2009

Helping Others

Today when I got to work I had an email from someone in India asking me to help them with one of their computer simulations. They included the input and did not know what they were doing wrong. They got my email from a physics forum I post on, and they were nice in the email, so I decided to help them. There was also someone from another forum that needed help with their chemistry homework, so I helped them too. I generally don't get the chance help others, unless donating my old last season clothes to goodwill counts, which I don't think it does because it's just a lame excuse for me to shop more, so this felt good :) I played Frisbee in the park again today. The weather here is so lovely, it was 50 deg F this morning with a high of 70 deg F. Food wise I feel alot better about today than yesterday, I guess I am still full from the Indian Food! I had a bagel for breakfast, a larabar for lunch, and a raw vegie salad for dinner. Snack was 8 strawberries and a square of Green and Black's 85% Caco Organic Dark Chocolate. The best chocolate on the planet. Yum...I have to hide it from my husband because a bar lasts me like two weeks and if he finds my bar it is gone in a day :(


  1. Good i'm glad you saw that as a good thing considering I volunteered you :)

  2. I usually TA lab and tutor but this year because of research have not had time, so it was nice to get to help someone :)