Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Food!

I use to track diet and exercise. Most of the features are free, and it is a great way to keep up with nutrition stats.

Alcohol (hey, everyone needs wine occasionally!)

When I first started using it I was only concerned with my "daily calorie balance" but lately I have actually been trying to eat healthy and so I just keep an eye on the nutrients bar chart to make sure I am getting an adequate amount of everything I need from food sources. I know it's a really tiny graph and hard to see, but the things below the 100% line are calcium and vitamin B, which the supplement covers. I do try to get calcium and vitamin B from fortified rice milk and juice, but "fortification" and "supplementation" are the same thing in my opinion. I mean, even cows milk is "fortified" with calcium and vitamin D.

Even though I take a multi vitamin also, just to make sure I am not deficient, it is still a good idea to shoot for 100% of everything! Today I have had a bagel (recently have been on a bagel kick, lol) and two larabars. One was not enough. I am going to Ruby Tuesday with my husband after work for the salad bar, so yummy.... Tomorrow I am going to cook and will post some photos. I am planning on making a risotto with steamed vegies, perhaps purple cauliflower. I can't wait, it has been almost a week since I have cooked anything and/or not eaten out.


  1. ah, I'd like to do fitday, and I was doing The Daily Plate...but I'm too scared to weigh myself :(

  2. lol I don't enter my weight, I just enter what I ate that day and what exercise I did. Putting in your weight is not required :D