Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ok, so its been forever since I have posted...

It has been a hectic semester, traveling, eating out straight for eight weeks, tons to do. So I had been feeling really sluggish and run down so I thought I would do the master cleanse. What the heck, I always knocked it before, but until you try it, why knock it, you know? So anyway, I bought the lemons (organic, I have a really nice juicer), grade B pure maple syrup (you can use grade A but it does not have as many vitamins), and cayenne pepper, along with "The Master Cleanser" book by Stanley Burroughs. So first off, I really don't believe all of the stuff he says in the book, I mean, the guy was convicted of fraud and he killed several cancer patients, you can read about it on wikipedia. But being very determined and curious I decided to give it a go anyway. By the way, I am not doing this for weight loss, as I am pretty skinny to begin with. I weighed 105 this evening, so I have been adding a bit more syrup as the book recommends for those not wishing to "reduce". I have lost a few pounds, maybe five or so, but that is just water. The point is, the first day all I craved was coffee, which I have a major addiction to, and the other days I have not been hungry, have not wanted food or coffee, really I have not even wanted the lemonade. I feel great, like really really great. I am on day 7 now and think at max I will continue to 14 days and then replace one meal a day (breakfast) with juice. You never realize how sluggish eating out all the time, or even eating at home for that matter, makes you feel so sluggish. I am going to try transitioning to raw once the cleanse is done.


  1. I did it for two weeks a cople years back. I had gotten into a pattern of eating crap and almost felt addicted to it. I did it to kind of hit the reset button on my eating habits. It was interesting and I too wasn't hungry.

  2. Yeah I am on day seven and since this is my first time I think I am going to stop tomorrow. Plus, we are going to a Halloween party and in Atlanta so it would be kind of weird traveling with all of my "cleansing" supplies. We were in Cleveland for eight weeks for my work and even though I ate salads and Indian food and healthy stuff, it is still super processed or non-organic. I feel way better. I think I am going to do it for 14 days around the holidays when I have no distractions, and after visiting my family because they already think I am weird enough. I did not cheat at all though, no gum, no candy, no coffee, nothing. I guess I just wanted to prove to myself I had the willpower to do it, but my skin has totally cleared up now. I am going to try going raw but we will see.